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Social Media / AdWords / SEO / eCommerce

The following is an analysis of a project done for Kpop Con Miami in 2014


The Facebook Fan-page for Kpop Con Miami 2014 was set-up prior to the implementation of the website. It had originally been used as a substitute for an official website. We reached our initial goal of 1000 “Likes” on April 16, 2014. 

The graph below breaks down the number of “Likes,” “Comments” and “Shares” the Kpop Con Miami Facebook Fan-page received since the launch of the website by date and number received.


The Kpop Con Miami 2014 official Twitter page was founded on March 16, 2014. As of April 18, 2014, the Twitter account has gained 159 followers. The Kpop Con Miami 2014 official Twitter account averages 4 new followers a day. Nearly every tweet posted on the account has been favorite and/or re-blogged by at least one of the account's followers. Below is a graph displaying the rate of new followers gained.

Google AdWords

The AdWords campaign for began March 29, 2014. My client requested that the budget be kept around $150. This first campaign ended on April 19, 2014, the total cost amounting to $151.40. The campaign’s daily maximum bid started at $2.00 and was gradually raised until it reached $10.00. During this period the AdWords campaign was generating over 40 clicks a day. 


Final AdWords Statistics:

Clicks: 585

Impressions: 213,018

CTR: 0.27%

Avg. CPC $0.26

Avg. Position: 2.1

Within the AdWords campaign were two Ad Groups. The first Ad Group accounts for 122 of the total campaign clicks and the second Ad Group attracted 463 clicks.

Search Engine Optimization

Immediately following the initial launch of the re-designed web page, was not showing up on the front page of Google for any search other than its exact name. The names of the images were updated so that they all contained "kpop", "Kpopcon" and/or various other keywords. All of the guest photos/logos are named after the guest they represent so that they would appear when a user is searching the name of that particular guest on Google Image Search. 

As of April 19, 2014, following the implementation of various SEO strategies, now appears on the first page of results for the keyword "kpop convention." The website comes up as the third result when searching for Kpopcon. It is the first result that shows up for Kpop Miami and appears halfway down the page for Kpop Florida and Kpop East Coast. 

Google Analytics results (March 17, 2014-April 19, 2014)

Ticket sales: Tickets were available for purchase on 3,056 users visited the site from March 27, 2014 (the day tickets went on sale) to April 17. Within the duration of this range of dates, 351 tickets were sold, bringing the approximate conversion rate to 11%.

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